Thursday, 19 June 2014

Universal TV Remote App For Android Free Download

Universal TV Remote:

Universal TV remote is an Android app which work to control your TV using your Android phone, cell or tablet. Remote function in the phone or tablet are first time introduce by Android app developers. Your Android mobile will operate as real remote after installing universal TV remote on your phone or device. Only you have to do, that is insert three (3) digit code and type of the TV brand which you are using.

Now it is very easy to control your home or office or other TV with your Android device. Whenever you came in home with much feelings of tiredness due to office work. At that time you  heard your son did loud your TV speaker volume but you want to be relaxed. Even you wouldn't like to move to bring remote of your TV to decrease sound volume.
If you have installed Android Universal TV Remote app on your device then you will control your TV very easily according to your choice. Even you can turn off your TV by using your Android device or tablet.

Universal TV Remote free download

User Manual to setup:

  • Check three digit code your TV brand and type of device in the code tables
  • Put the code in the text field and click or press "OK" button
  • Now close all tabs and enjoy using your device
The Android app which you will download below is totally free and doesn't need any external hardware. It will function with LG, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Nokia and with more devices. This Android app using IR port of your Android device to work. Please conform that unfortunately your device doesn't have IR port then your android device or tablet will not be able to worked with universal TV remote app. 

Note that many TVs are not supported to Universal TV Remote app.
Click below to download latest version of Universal TV Remote Android app

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