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Encarta Dictionary Offline Installer Software

Encarta Dictionary Offline Installer Latest:

Encarta dictionary offline installer software is mostly used in knowledge domains by students and researchers which can be downloaded from given link below to install it on your computer.

Encarta dictionary offline installer software is a large and comprehensive database of words which can make enrich your word power. Encarta dictionary has all that features which you desire to exist in a dictionary. So it can make real your dreams and imagines in front of you. It can be realized that when you use it because it is more than your expectations. It is not a surprised because Microsoft has been performing much more than your expectations. So that Microsoft has made it undisputed master in technological world.
Encarta dictionary offline installer software
Encarta has a very user friendly interface which will make you fluent and champion in vocabulary. At the top left of the interface there is a search bar which is used to search words that you want to be explained. A drop down menu will be opened while typing the words in top search bar which is to filter your search as well.

All your desires when you type in the search bar Encarta dictionary will show accurate results for you. It also has the feature that it shows your search pronunciation in written form and in audio format as well. If you face any trouble during picking it from written form, you can click on the existing small speaker icon to hear audio pronunciation. 

Your search word's meaning will display at the right side of the interface. The portion where meanings displayed is divided into three parts i.e Translation, Thesaurus and Dictionary. Dictionary will show the meaning of given word, Thesaurus will show the synonyms and antonyms rather Translation tab will translate the given word in various languages.

Features of Encarta Dictionary:

Following are the features that allow you to experiences while using it after downloading from below link;

  • Enhancing complete vocabulary tool 
  • Simple interface to show results
  • Very easy to search filters
  • To correct pronunciation there is audio help avail
  • Encarta has the facility to translate in other languages
Click below to download Encarta dictionary offline installer software

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