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Latest Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer Free Download

Mozilla Firefox Latest Offline Installer:

Mozilla Firefox is a open source and it is completely free to download. It is a faster web browser and developed for Windows, Linux, OS X and Android. Mozilla Foundation and subsidiary have created it to get relaxations during the online searches. According to July 2013's record Mozilla Firefox was 16% to 21% worldwide used. Through this survey 450 million users have been using Mozilla in the world. This software project has undergone changes various names. Its original title was Phoenix, because of some trademark problems in its technologies, its name have been renaming. And now it is introduced with Mozilla Firebird.

After replacing its name to Firebird, it stimulate a sharp response from its free database project software. In response the Mozilla Foundation argued that the web browser Firebird must adobe the name Firebird to ignore confusion with the database in that software. After that the database server's development community exert pressure to change their brand's name then on February 9, 2004 the brand name have been changed to Mozilla Firefox and Firebird became Mozilla Firefox. It is abbreviated by FF. 

The Firefox had been released its version 1.0 on February 9, 2004, and now it has been released many versions. 
Mozilla Firefox offline installer free download
Firefox is using the sandbox security model and uses limits scripts to approaching and accessing data from the various others websites based on its original and same policy. It's unique method is that it using SSL/TLS to save and protect communications during the searching data with web servers. It also uses cryptography which is considered strong for the HTTPS protocol.
Mozilla corporation offers 3000 USD as a reward with a T-shirt of Mozilla monogram to its users who discover any of security fault in Firefox.

To download Mozilla Firefox offline installer latest version simply click on "Download here" button. And when download will be completed then install it on your computer. It is a easy way to use internet and it will also be helpful in your daily online working. Good luck.
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